We work collectively and it generates the best results. We are a team which shares our talents to help those who we work, live and are connected with. Pondering thoughts (value of opinions, experiences and individual knowledge) on decisions we made allows the creation of a strong and united group.

We are a team when…

  •      We deal with people with respect and don´t tolerate intimidation

The value of individual contribution to the company can be defined when we deal with people with respect, truth and dignity. We have a worthy work environment, alerting to behaviors that are against these guides, to ensure general welfare.

  •      We deal with people through justice and without prejudice

We construct production and motivation dealing with collaborators in an honest way, respecting and recognizing the relevant contribution which everyone has to offer, no matter family, religion, gender etc. We support and follow rules that forbid prejudice everywhere we do business.

  •      We collaborate with entities and institutions

We frequently organize donation to those who are needy. This activity is made with a lot of pride and, especially, because we know that happiness of those who are beneficiary worth any effort.

  •      We have an excellent relationship with clients and distributors

The certain about the service made with transparency and objectivity makes Mil Geradores a success company. We evaluate in a positive way our collaborators commitment, in order to ensure excellence.

  •      We see our suppliers like allies

Using high quality pieces on our services is directly related to the constant contact between our commercial sector and our suppliers, to give items which join excellence value to the product.

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