Mil Geradores is a company specialized on temporary energy supplying, through generator group rental.

With 21 years of market expertise, one of your main differentials is the agility on attending client demand with facility and no bureaucracy. Whatever your company business, Mil Geradores provides the best solution to attend you with velocity and efficiency.

The company is reference in generator group rental and attends 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to ensure the uninterrupted energy supplying to segments like: Offshore, Energy Concessionaires, Oil & Gas, Marine Industry, Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Great Events, Acclimatization and other areas.

Mil Geradores also offers equipment, installation and maintenance, which are essential services to hospital and other establishment that need reliable and uninterrupted energy. With two units, in Rio de Janeiro and Campinas, Mil Geradores works to create processes that take into account the environmental factor. Because of that, with environmental conscience, Mil Geradores uses machines that comply the most rigid gas emission control, reaffirming your commitment with environmental, important to a sustainable production.


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