Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. It’s a constant. Those with whom we work, live and serve, trust us. We coordinate our actions with words, fulfilling what we promise. We build our reputation through truth. We are respectable and behave in an open and honest way. In short, the company’s reputation is reflected in the ethical performance of the people who work there.

We put integrity into action when: 

  • We are honest and do not tolerate corruption.
  • We sustain our lives in a pattern of integrity and behavior.
  • We, presumably, tell the truth. Avoid conflicts of interest. We should not engage in situations that create or suggest conflicts of personal interests.For example, when personal or family need is transformed into difficulty for the individual to represent the company. Conflicts of interest may arise in any operation within Mil Generators. The most critical ones arise when, for example, an employee has control over the company’s spending or power to outsource services, and passes on valuable information to people who are not part of the institution. 
  • The exchange of favors for material values, gifts or invitations is not acceptable within company standards.
  • We compete fairly.

Mil Generators believe fair market competition is critical to the freedom of the company.

In the relationship in which there are competitors, buyers, suppliers and customers, we avoid actions that restrict our ability to negotiate. We will not enter into price negotiations with the competition in order to affect the offered value of our various services.

We ensure transparency in financial reporting and accounting records

The integrity of Mil Generadores’ financial system is based on the validity, accuracy and understanding of information passed on by our clients.

We make sure that every transaction is done within the most perfect transparency.

We are fair, honest and with open communication

Our communication is done in a respectful, fair, honest and clear way. We keep our customers, business owners, suppliers and other interested parties informed of the most relevant decisions of our company, without preferences or favors to third parties.

We keep sensitive information appropriately

Sensitive information is information that the company avoids exposing to the general public (such as financial data, technical materials and future marketing plans). For this, we rely on our employees not to use this type of information for personal gain.

We deny improper payments

In the relationship with the public, private bodies or not, we firmly adhere to the ethical practice during the negotiation.

We do not influence, directly or indirectly, the depreciation or overvaluation of the price of our services for the benefit of ourselves or others. We charge what is fair.

Sectors in which we operate

  • Offshore
  • Energy Dealers
  • Oil and Gas
  • Shipbuilding
  • Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications
  • Big events
  • Air Conditioning
  • Other areas.
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