To Mil Geradores, the main condition to consider an event unforgettable is preserving tranquility and magic during this length of time. Because of that, new technologies are applied on equipment that support the energy demand of great events, ensuring image and sound power with necessary safety to provide an event.

Mil Geradores is present on presentations of international artists, sport games opening and other great events, offering the most modern technology on energy generation. Generator groups and a quality structure of cables are some essential items to the production of a mega show. Through an efficient management, which ensures the perfect functioning of cables and equipment, Mil Geradores always relate your event with success.

Apoteose 2015

The Voice Brasil 2014

Parque da Bola, World Cup (2014)

• Circuito Cultural Banco do Brasil: RIO + São Paulo, Brasília e Minas Gerais

Elton John show (2012)

Madonna show (2012)

Rio +20 (2012)

MegaRampa (2012)

Sociedade Brasileira para o Progresso da Ciência – Unicamp (2008)

Paquetá island

Jogos Panamericanos (2007)

Bradesco Christmas Tree (desde 2006)

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