Dear colleagues,

Working in a company like Mil Geradores is to be related with its ideals. And to have proud of it become a value attribute. Because of that, we have to take care of our reputation. We have to give to clients, suppliers, partners and distributors the trust that they deposit on us.

We are committed to share and to practice moral values on our history. This is a way to express our behavior and to define the image of Mil Geradores.

To maintain respect and trust face the market, the achieved credibility needs to keep been built and ensured day by day. Involuntary failures or negligence can bring risks of dishonor or injury to our image. Our responsibility as citizens and professionals implicate, therefore, on an honest relationship with everyone who surrounds us.

The Behavior Code constitutes a guide to action, a reference text to decisions that we have to make, from simple to the most important ones. Our goal is to plant this code in all company activities.

According to this, the Code brings routes to correct practices and is compatible with our company philosophy. It´s a guideline kit that appoint to the horizon we want to reach. Despite this, as some steps are done, another need to be projected. It means we have sensibility to continuously update our practices and, naturally, the Code content. After all, the Code terms indicate expected standard in professional acting and define Mil Geradores positioning.

The definitions presented on the Code are applied to all collaborators, without hierarchic level distinction. Including the best practices from an ethical perspective, the Code highlights the best ways to do what we do.

The Behavior Code is a work tool and a moral guideline. I´m sure that this document will inspire us and I hope every one of us try to be an example to be followed be another.

Omar Teixeira Jacob

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