Message from the director

Dear Colleagues,

Working in a company like the Mil Generators is to identify with your ideals. And to be proud of it becomes a valuable asset, so we must watch over its reputation. We have to return to customers, suppliers, partners and distributors the trust they have placed in us.

We are committed to sharing and practicing moral values ​​in our history. It is a way of expressing our way of being and of defining the image of Mil Generators. We want to be recognized as a solid and reliable organization.

In order to maintain the respect and confidence of the market, the credibility we have gained must continue to be built and ensured day after day. Unintentional failures or carelessness can become a risk of discredit or damage to our image. Our responsibility as citizens and professionals therefore implies a close relationship with everyone around us.

The Code of Conduct is a guide to action, a reference text for the decisions we make, from the most mundane to the most important. The goal is the rooting of this code in all our activities.

In this sense, the Code provides directions to the most correct practices and according to the philosophy of the company. It is a set of guidelines that point to the horizon for which we want to walk. However, to the extent that certain steps are taken, others need to be designed. This means having the sensitivity to continually update our practices and, of course, the very content of the Code. After all, their terms indicate expected standards in professional practice while defining the positioning of Mil Generators.

The definitions in this Code apply to all employees, regardless of their hierarchical level. By looking at best practices from an ethical perspective, he points out the most appropriate ways of doing what we do.

The Code of Conduct is a working tool and a moral one. I am sure he will inspire us and hope that each of us will try to be an example to be followed by everyone else.

Omar Teixeira Jacob

Sectors in which we operate

  • Offshore
  • Energy Dealers
  • Oil and Gas
  • Shipbuilding
  • Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications
  • Big events
  • Air Conditioning
  • Other areas.
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