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Illumination Towers

They are moving generator units, of 6 kVA, equipped with illumination towers of 4.000 watts each, sufficient to illuminate an area of 25.000 m² (variable).


Transference Tables

The Transference Table is a machine projected to supervise the electric net, to command and to control the load transference from the net to the


Parallelism Tables

They are used to reverse between two energy sources (generator and concessionaire) without interruption. The main objective is to avoid the light “blinking”, beyond to


Cable Protectors

They are cable protectors with gauge of 240 mm². With five channels to cable opening (F1, F2, F3, land and neuter), are made in gripper


Generator Groups

Specialized on energy generator groups rental, Mil Geradores offers series of equipment, from 15 kVA to 2500 kVA simple, of high performance and certificated by

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