Mil Geradores depends on trust that clients deposit on the company work. The accumulated knowledge, the innovative capacity, the relationships with various interest publics, the abilities of collaborators, the competitive intelligence and the great reputation are Mil Geradores trademark.

On the other hand, not only the company technical capacities are evaluated by our partners. Our decisions and actions are also observed by everybody that maintains contact with us and by society in general. To know that implicate on having the conscience that our acts can be evaluated like right or wrong, just or unjust, legitimate or illegitimate. In this context, ethical questions purchase significant relevancy.

In fact, opportunist practices deteriorate internal environment and wear out relations.

They can check business reputation. The company position about subjects susceptible to moral appreciation allows that collaborators have clarity about what to do. They show transparency, avoid misunderstanding and decrease rumor and negative comments.

Therefore, to define what are company objectives and, the most important, to show how to achieve them are valuable tasks. Not only the end is interesting, but also the way to get them. So is indispensable to think about the impact that our decisions generate, in other words, how they will affect our target publics. How they will influence our company in the future?

Ethics, like a moral science, contributes in a decisive way to delimit our choice area, because turns comprehensible social facts that have moral implication. It studies how collectivity separate good and bad customs, distinguish the well and evil, identify virtues and addictions. It is a systemic reflection about people behavior and brings knowledge which allows us to analyze, explain and evaluate risks that our interventions can provoke.

This Behavior Code is a rule kit that makes practical the moral orientations. It doesn´t draw the map of an unknown territory, but it is a compass to indicate routes to follow and shows how to get where we intend.

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